DarwinPrep is our innovative study application that tracks student progress and allows students to keep studying on any device, from school, home, or on the fly.

Exam prep

Personalized preparation for SAT, ACT, SHSAT and Regents exams that ensure student success.

1-1 learning

The best private teachers from across the country work one-on-one with students from Rye to help them understand the coursework and master the skills they need to succeed in school.

Rye Study Buddies

Students partner with friends or family, meeting together with their teacher to learn together and support one another’s studies.

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Leading Resources

The Emergence of Competency-Based Programming and Subsequent Significance

A new method of assessment and learning processes gives students clear academic goals while allowing them to spearhead the process by which they achieve those goals.

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The Great Gift of Presence in the Online Classroom

Presence is the secret superpower of every great teacher. Is the virtual classroom a teacher’s kryptonite, or a power-enhancing tool? The answer may surprise you.

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Shakespeare and Urban Slang

Love of media-driven slang can inspire students to believe in their own verbal talents and also to appreciate the verbal brilliance of past masters.

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