Bill Litwack

English Language Arts

About Bill Litwack

Bill Litwack holds two degrees from the University of Maine – a B.A. in university studies and an M.A. in English – as well as certification to teach English Language Arts (ELA) to grades 1-12 and certification in adult education. His expertise lies in teaching ELA to grades 7-13: reading and analyzing fiction and non-fiction, writing fiction and non-fiction, and the skills necessary to succeed on standardized tests.

Mr. Litwack loves to learn as well as teach, and brings his curiosity and knowledge on a wide range of topics into the classroom, such as history, sociology, philosophy, and more. “This gives me a good handle on the subjects that cross a student’s desk and an ability to answer students’ questions in ways that go beyond just getting the right answer,” he says. “Students know I will always do my best for them, and they tend to reciprocate.”

Reading is a tool that students can use to reflect seriously about their lives and identities, he says. “Education begins with respect for all backgrounds, personalities, and developmental levels. With respect as a basis of communication, the teacher meets the individual where he or she is and moves the student closer to the academic goals. Ultimately, the subject of language arts is the cornerstone of learning and self-expression; it belongs to everyone, and everyone is capable strengthening one’s skills. I believe an ELA teacher’s role is to give students the tools they need to use language to help them attain their highest goals.”

His greatest accomplishment, he says, is helping students in an alternative school, who had previously failed in mainstream schools, to graduate and go on to flourish in college.

  • English Language Arts
  • Writing
  • Literature
  • Global History
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