Edith Castro


About Edith Castro

Edith Castro holds an MA in Education, and is working toward a second Master’s degree in mathematics. She also makes it a point to invest in continuing education on pedagogy, to keep her methods fresh.

Ms. Castro teaches middle and high school math up to calculus, with special expertise in algebra at all levels. She uses technology extensively. Her homework assignments are online, using software that allows students to ask for help in solving a problem, or to see an example – and to keep working on the problem, or on similar problems, until they feel they have mastered the relevant skill. It is important to her, she says, that each student “experience success in their learning of math, because this will help them persevere when they encounter difficulty learning the subject.”

Additionally, in cases where every student has a computer, they participate actively throughout lessons by typing in their answers to specific questions online, for immediate feedback – and so Ms. Castro can see when she needs to re-teach material for clarification. She feels that she has “made a commitment with students, parents, and administrators to help students learn. I want parents to feel confident that their child will receive a good learning experience.”

  • Foundational Math
  • Algebra 1
  • Algebra 2
  • Geometry
  • Trigonometry