Emily Odell

Earth Science

About Emily Odell

Emily Odell holds a B.S. In Zoology from California State University, Long Beach and is fully credentialed by California to teach biology and foundational science. She also teaches middle school forensics, ecology, environmental science and anatomy. Her specialty is biology which she teaches at both the middle and high school level.

Ms. Odell has extensive experience teaching biology along with earth science, and worked for ten years as a math tutor. She is also a strong believer in innovative teaching methods making extensive use of smart boards and tablet computers.

Her teaching philosophy emphasizes hands-on experimentation – in one unit on weathering and erosion students spent 60{40220069a47b55ebedcd627440d34b83f3266b0cf1f9ad5325b722d9665d474f} of their time in labs and scored the highest average for any class to that date. She enjoys working with students and says “seeing them is the highlight of my day.”

Offering alternative learning strategies is also an important part of Ms. Odell’s teaching style, for example using icons to help students break down and comprehend large amounts of reading material.

In addition to her professional pursuits, she is very involved with local theatrical and musical groups.

  • Earth Science
  • Biology
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