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About Jonathan Littler

Jonathan Littler holds a B.S. in Biology (with a minor in Chemistry) from Ohio Northern University, a B.S. in Education from Urbana University, an M.S. in Education from Grand Canyon University and an M.S. in Biology from Clemson University. He teaches middle and high school general science, physics and earth science and has particular expertise in biology and chemistry.

Mr. Littler currently teaches anatomy/physiology, microbiology and chemistry at Rhodes State University and is certified by the state of Ohio to teach general science, biology, chemistry physics and earth science.

As an educator, he is “Dedicated and unrelenting but also very flexible, able to improvise solutions to almost any problem. Combined with my optimistic attitude there is nothing impossible in my mind.”

He describes his favorite teaching experience as “that moment when a difficult concept becomes clear.”

He has also worked in the banking and investment fields along with pharmaceutical sales.

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