Judy Powell

Global History

About Judy Powell

Judy Powell specializes in global history, US history, government/civics, geography, and economics. She has also taught business writing and English literature and writing.

Ms. Powell is certified in New York to teach social studies and special education social studies to grades 7-12;  in California to teach social sciences and special education (moderate disabilities) to grades K-12; and in Massachusetts to teach history and political science/philosophy to grades 8-12.

“My classroom is a safe space for my students to learn tolerance, dismantle stereotypes, and participate in enriching activities to promote thoughtful critical analysis,” she says. “These are skills necessary to becoming citizens who participate in dialogue to promote democratic ideals.”

In addition to her teaching experience, Ms. Powell has worked for a non-profit organization that creates engaging workshops for middle school and high school students for use during the school day and after school.

She counts among her greatest successes her students who passed their global and US history New York State Regents exams, and the students who are the first in their families to attend college. She attributes much of her success to the fact that she herself is “an inquisitive learner, so we can grapple with concepts together to create an informed thought and decision.”

  • Global History
  • US Government
  • Geography
  • Writing