Michael Golabek


About Michael Golabek

Michael Golabek teaches biology, earth sciences, writing, literature, and preparation for the ACT. He is also an educational technology specialist and curriculum designer. As a technology specialist, he has developed curricula and incorporated technology into under-served public high schools with minimal resources. He also designs and implements “trackers” to collect data on at-risk students, to ensure they immediately receive academic or behavioral assistance when they need it.

“Learning can be likened to a prism — a stream of facts enter but immediately diffuse into a wide array of meanings,” he says. “Education itself is a dynamic process, and a teacher’s purpose is not to focus on one direct line of approach, but rather, vary the styles and adapt in such a way that all students are engaged — in essence, spending time to examine each wavelength in the spectrum.”

Mr. Golabek holds an M.A. in teaching and an M.Ed. in educational technology. He holds an Illinois teaching license, and is certified in secondary education (English language arts grades 6-12) and special education. He also studied medical sciences at the Windsor University School of Medicine.

  • ELA
  • Biology