Shirley Esfandiari

Global History

About Shirley Esfandiari

Shirley Esfandiari has always wanted to be a teacher, and has been working in education ever since she became a teacher’s aide when she was in high school. She loves that on most days she “will have an ‘aha’ moment from the students, and know they can walk away from the day’s lesson knowing a little more than the day before.”

Ms. Esfandiari specializes in high-school US history and world history, including honors courses in both subjects. She has also taught the SAT verbal section, reading intervention, reading readiness, and both Spanish and English as second languages, and has broad knowledge in a wide variety of social sciences. While working as a high school teacher, she also served as a lead member of the school safety committee, the leadership academy team, the faculty advisory committee, the parent-teacher-student organization, and as an AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) peer coach.

Her students have included many with IEPs, many who were just beginning to learn English, and many honors students. She finds it interesting and rewarding to change her lessons based on the needs of the students, to include plenty of visuals in presentations, and to allow for group work and collaboration as much as possible.

When she is not teaching for Tomorrow’s Genius, Ms. Esfandiari is busy home-schooling her two children and working as a property manager for rental units.

  • Spanish
  • Global History
  • US History
  • Civics