Taji Elmor


About Taji Elmor

Taji Elmor teaches Arabic at all levels including Classical, Modern Standard and the Colloquial dialects of the Levant, Egypt, Libya, Iraq, and the Gulf.

He has lectured and taught Arabic at Saint John’s University, Queens College/CUNY and NC State University. He also created and established the Arabic Language Program at Saint John’s University and an Arabic language curriculum at the National Foreign Language Center at the University of Maryland. In addition, Prof. Elmor has extensive experience developing curricula and teaching at the Defense Language Institute and in all other schools he taught in.

His students have always excelled and succeeded on all Arabic standardized written and oral exams and has received recognition and awards for his students’ stellar performance.

Prof. Elmor’s goal is “to inspire a love of the Arabic language in my students; to nurture an appreciation of Arabic culture through language, poetry and content curated to each student’s learning ability”.

In addition to teaching, Prof. Elmor has authored two textbooks on elementary Arabic titled “Salaam: Introduction to Arabic” and “Salaam: Arabic Writing”.

He has also worked extensively as an Arabic-English interpreter and translator in New York and New Jersey courts depositions and hearings and has consulted for numerous firms throughout the USA.

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