William Floyd


Mr. Floyd has worked as an Admissions Counselor at Sarah Lawrence College and as an independent college counselor.

Kenneth Rochelle


Mr. Rochelle has been teaching for fifteen years with experience as a college math professor, a high school and middle school teacher and as an SAT and math tutor.

Jonathan Littler

3d Hoops

Mr. Littler currently teaches anatomy/physiology, microbiology and chemistry at Rhodes State University and is certified by the state of Ohio to teach general science, biology, chemistry physics and earth science.

Taji Elmor


Prof. Elmor’s goal is “to inspire a love of the Arabic language in my students; to nurture an appreciation of Arabic culture through language, poetry and content curated to each student’s learning ability”.

Emma Rinaldi


Ms. Rinaldi’s experience includes working with a wide array of students from elementary school to adult education in nine different countries across 5 continents, including special needs students.

Tsivia Morrison


Tsivia Morrison holds a B.Sc. from University College in London and a Post-Graduate Certificate of Education from Middlesex University.

Rachael Prensner


Ms. Prensner likes to break down texts with her literature students, building up analytical skills that serve them well in other classes as well.

Emily Odell

Earth Science

Ms. Odell has extensive experience teaching biology along with earth science, and worked for ten years as a math tutor. She is also a strong believer in innovative teaching methods making extensive use of smart boards and tablet computers.

Danny DiDomenico


Danny Didomenico is a veteran online instructor who holds a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics and music from Bennington College. Danny has been working with students for over 10 years, both in the classroom and online.

Stefan Trienekens

Earth Science

Mr. Trienekens has extensive experience tutoring small groups of up to four students in biology, college-level remedial math, writing, physics and history.

Shirley Esfandiari

Global History

Ms. Esfandiari specializes in high-school US history and world history, including honors courses in both subjects.

Rachel Kaufman


Ms. Kaufman’s experience includes teaching both mainstream and special needs elementary school students. In addition, she has taught adult education classes and worked as a private piano teacher.