Momeena Garcia


Momeena Garcia teaches math (K-12 and college), English language arts (elementary and middle school), special education (K-12), and Spanish, as well as preparation for exams such as the SAT and ACT.

Luisa Frias


Ms. Frias teaches elementary and high school literature, reading, English and college-level pedagogy and business. She also has training by the AVID organization in how to teach for college readiness.

Michael Golabek


Mr. Golabek holds an M.A. in teaching and an M.Ed. in educational technology. He holds an Illinois teaching license, and is certified in secondary education (English language arts grades 6-12) and special education.

Alex Lasky


Ms. Lasky says her educational philosophy can be summed up in one sentence: “Practice, practice, practice until no numbers can surprise you.”

Bill Litwack

English Language Arts

Mr. Litwack loves to learn as well as teach, and brings his curiosity and knowledge on a wide range of topics into the classroom, such as history, sociology, philosophy, and more.

Edith Castro


Ms. Castro teaches middle and high school math up to calculus, with special expertise in algebra at all levels. She uses technology extensively.

Josh McLaurin

Global History

Mr. McLaurin has also been trained by the College Board to teach AP courses, and to teach for the ACT exam.

Judy Powell

Global History

Ms. Powell is certified in New York to teach social studies and special education social studies to grades 7-12; in California to teach social sciences and special education (moderate disabilities) to grades K-12; and in Massachusetts to teach history and political science/philosophy to grades 8-12.

Betsy Weber


“I believe that all students can and will learn if they are motivated, engaged, and given enough time,” she says. “Students are individuals and so are their needs. I always want to know if there is a better way to teach a lesson, and go in search of tools or ideas that would take my lessons to the next level.”